African Girls

*85% of all girls in africa cant go to school because of other problems and chores at home.
* To send a child to school it costs more than half of the parents salary for a year to send their child to school. The average salary for an African is 350 dollars a year.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

why do girls have trouble going to school in africa?

Africa statistics

at the age of 5, an African kids chances of entering a school is less than 50%
kids starting school is less than 35%
kids finishing school is less than 12%
kids entering university is less than 2%.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School for Girls

Girls have trouble going to school in
Africa. They have to stay with their parents most of the time to help. Some have to take care of younger siblings when their parents arent around. They have to do daily chores and help in the feilds to get their crops to sell for money. In a class of 80 there will propley only be about 3 or 4 girls in the entire class.

Some children cant go to school.

Some children cant go to school because of money. It causes most familys half of their years salary. Some young wemen cant go to school because they have to help cook and clean with their mothers. Children whom dont go to school lack in education if they want to get a job when they are older.

Not enough money for schools

The amount of money that the schools have has a great affect on the children that go there. The government cant provide a lot of money to the schools because of more important reasons. Like food and water for the community. The community also has to provide space and building materials for new refugees.